Laid-back Bars to Visit in Burlingame

September 18, 2021

Located in San Mateo County, the city of Burlingame is often referred to as “the City of Trees.” It has earned this beautiful name because of the 18,000 trees within the city limits. There are a plethora of parks and tree grooves as well, further marking it as a haven for nature-lovers. With its gorgeous Main Street, a plethora of delicious cuisine, and a large shoreline on the San Francisco Bay, it is not hard to see why this has become a cherished place to call home.

Burlingame was first established in 1908 by wealthy San Franciscans who longed for a better climate than they experienced in the big city. What they discovered was a dream come true. Not only did this newfound city have an amazingly pleasant climate, but it was also an idyllic oasis away from the hustle and bustle of its big neighbor city.

Since then, it has become a vibrant town filled with shimmering waterfronts, classic art galleries, and state-of-the-art libraries. As if that isn’t great enough, there are also an array of bird and nature sanctuaries as well. The streets are lined with charming boutiques and shops perfect for any shopping day. With plenty of family-friendly activities and top-notch schools, this is the perfect town for both families and individuals.

Burlingame offers residents a satisfying and high quality of life. It provides a peaceful haven and a small-town feeling with an exciting assortment of things to do. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy the mesmerizing candy shops, live music performances, and fabulous series of bars with a relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for a great and relaxing place to have a drink, here are some of our favorite places to pull up a chair and grab a pint!

7 Mile House

A local favorite, the 7 Mile House is the ideal sports bar and grill for meeting up with friends. With plenty of seating, you and your crew can sip on a beer while enjoying the cool indoors or soaking up the fresh air on the patio seating. From your perch here, you can watch the spectacular sunset as well.

If you are feeling hungry, you can satisfy your cravings by ordering some mouthwatering appetizers and food from the menu. Some of these famous selections include the Adobe with Rice, the 7 Mile Burger, or Chicken Cobb Salad. Rest assured, there is something special to delight everyone’s appetite. What’s more, this is a dog-friendly space so feel free to bring your beloved pup along with you! This will be an epic adventure you both won’t soon forget.

Created in 1858, the 7 Mile House originally began as a toll stop on the road. In the mid-19th century, these such “mile houses,” as they were called, were used as stops for stagecoaches and weary travelers on the way to their final destinations. These houses were a necessary fixture for that day, providing much-needed replenishment, rest, and refuge for both those riding the coach, its conductors, and the horses pulling it. This passionate and creative bar is the last standing mile house in the area. It carries its long, vivid history with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Paddy Flynn’s

The family-owned and operated Paddy Flynn’s is a heart-warming Irish pub. When you walk through these green and yellow doors, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will happily make you feel welcome. Located in the center of Burlingame, this pub provides a whole host of features such as the jukebox perfect for any jig or soulful melody.

You can enjoy seating on the outdoor patio or watch the latest sports coverage from your seat indoors. Grab a pint, and come on down; everyone is a part of the family here!



With everything from a Watermelon Cooler to a Bourbon Smash, Barrelhouse is the place to be! Here you and your friends can experience a wide range of wines, spirits, craft cocktails, and beers. Since it carries one of the largest and most diverse selections of drinks in the area, guests are sure to discover a drink that is perfect for them!

In this warm and cozy environment, you can relax back with friends and exchange stories about your day. Make sure you don’t miss the awesome Happy Hour, it takes place Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm.

If you are looking for a place to host your special upcoming event, anniversary celebration, or work function, then how about having it here? Whether it is a meeting with colleagues or a birthday party, you won’t regret choosing Barrelhouse for your important event. You are welcome to go to the website today and make your reservation. Trust us, with its fantastic drinks and tasty appetizers as well as contemporary atmosphere, this neighborhood bar is the right spot for your special occasion!

The Vinyl Room

A sister location to the Barrelhouse, the enchanting Vinyl Room is a fun place for any night out with friends. In this upbeat and energetic atmosphere, you can sing along to the tunes of live music by local artists and bands. Don’t forget about the all-time favorite Thursday salsa dancing or the wildly popular Wednesday karaoke and open-mic nights. These nights are the perfect times to hear some new music and practice your dance moves. Who knows, you might even make new friends along the way!

On the menu here, you will discover a great selection of cocktails and draft beer. These drinks are the perfect flourish for any evening out with your crew or significant other. Not only will you enjoy the laid-back and relaxed vibe, but you will also have the exciting opportunity to discover a drink that is the perfect one for you! If you are looking for a place to host a party or private event, you can make a reservation as well. What better way is there to celebrate the special moment in life than by having a party at this terrific venue.

The American Bull

It is hard to beat the happy hour at The American Bull bar and grill! Their amazing drinks, delicious food, and stellar prices make it an absolute must-have experience. From 3-6 pm every day, you can enjoy a selection of drinks for $1 and some seriously tasty appetizers for $2. There is nothing quite like these deals! If you are hungry for a bigger meal, you can check out the plethora of items on the menu. There are juicy hamburgers, crisp sandwiches, and smoky BBQ ribs.

Of course, the beer deserves a standing ovation as well. From Coors Light to the Ghost Town Geisterfaust, these drinks are sure to delight all who come here! With its calm and laid-back feel, the American Bull is the perfect spot to catch up on the latest game and chat about life with friends, new and old. After a long day of work, you can come here for a refreshing cold drink and some relaxation.

Velvet 48

For those seeking the perfect shimmering glass of wine, you won’t want to miss paying a visit to Velvet 48. Located in downtown Burlingame, this elegant wine bar offers the absolute best in drinks. With everything from sparkling champagne to chardonnay, Velvet offers a memorable and classic experience.

Guests can choose from over 40 wines by the glass, a plethora of wine bottles varying in price, and a top-notch selection of craft beers. Here you can also enjoy the engaging and educational Wine Making Tasting events. This is a great way to learn more about the wine-making process and the history behind it. Whether you are wanting a quiet space to connect with friends or simply a great spot for your next date, make sure you stop by Velvet 48 for your dream glass of wine!

Fiddlers Green

At the Fiddlers Green pub, you can enjoy traditional drinks and the legendary Irish nachos. Be sure to try the delicious homemade soup as well. Guests can also experience menu selections such as onion rings, chicken wings, and sandwiches.

With its exciting plethora of drinks and menu items, this friendly neighborhood pub offers a top-notch experience for kicking back and relaxing. Here you can soak up the culture and history of Ireland while enjoying an evening out on the town. If you’re feeling like a cozy night at home, you can order takeout as well. Whatever you may be doing, you can take the wonderful experience of Fiddlers Green along with you!

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